A few traditional practices need to pass on with our age.

I have had an exceptionally wild week.

Do you have any idea those weeks where consistently, you get a greater and harder blow than the past one? It was that sort of week.

I needed to return home to coordinate a forthcoming function, one of those that is loaded with customs and social convictions, and it was feverish.

The primary thing I understood is that I have close to zero familiarity with my way of life.

As a matter of fact, I have barely any familiarity with numerous African societies, not to mention mine.

The second thing I understood is that culture can make you frantic with the eventual result of needing to stop.

Could you at any point try and quit your way of life? Your ethnic one?

I have discussed that a ton this week, and I’m actually discussing it.

This function I’m discussing includes a ton of customs that should be followed perfectly.

It likewise includes cash and it’s not for the costs that would need to be brought about. Cash should be given to somebody.

I’m certain you know how share exchanges go down. Indeed, it’s practically exactly the same thing, just it’s not so much for a wedding.

In any case, I feel like a great deal of blackmail is continuing and all for the sake of custom.

Truly, culture has us by the throat and we couldn’t retaliate in light of the fact that it is the manner in which things have forever been finished.

However at that point once more, since I am so oblivious to my way of life, maybe I might be excluded from such future commitments.

Obliviousness is ecstasy, all things considered. I in all actuality do realize that the rate at which life is going at present, I don’t have the foggiest idea what precisely it is that we will show our kids our underlying foundations and societies.

As a matter of fact, I have an exceptionally overwhelming inclination that a large portion of our societies will kick the bucket with us, our age.

The age after us will just hear pieces and bits of what used to be the standard in those days.

The luckier ones, perhaps they will find out about their societies in history books.

Actually, I don’t have the foggiest idea what specific thing about my way of life I will show my youngsters sooner rather than later.

All in all, I couldn’t talk my native language, which would be an extraordinary beginning, yet that boat has cruised tragically for us all (my future kids and I).

Yet, there are sure parts of my way of life and our practices (a greater part of African societies really) that need to bite the dust with us.

Why bother with coercing, for instance, young fellows who simply need to wed the young ladies they believe they are intended to use the remainder of their lives with?

On the off chance that there was an explanation in any case, I couldn’t say whether it actually has a spot in present day culture.

We ought to let it go.

It’s actually now or never in light of the fact that a few harmful practices that actually exist ought to have been discarded an extremely quite some time ago.

Perhaps the age in those days didn’t have the guts to do as such.

Perhaps culture had them by their balls and they had it more terrible than we have it now.

The Swahili saying Mwacha mila ni mtumwa (one who leaves their way of life is a slave) means close to nothing when such harmful practices are still near.

1 thought on “A few traditional practices need to pass on with our age.

  1. In my case we Africans we should not abandone our culture and traditions in that if we abandone it, it means we are going to follow other people culture and traditions be it formal or informal. If you look at old day premarital sex was a great sin across African people but for now we are being told that it’s OK
    They are telling us that fgm is a sin and yet they are introducing LGBTQ.
    In my case Africans are still colonised financially, economic, and spiritualy. Let’s say no to western culture and bring back our culture and traditions

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