Shocking confessions on how controversial prophet DAVID OWUOR has destroyed the lives of innocent souls do you believe in him? – Is he running a cult? (LOOK).

Controversial prophet David Owuor of Repentance and Holiness Ministries might be running a cult disguised as a church. Popular X user Cornelius K. Ronoh narrated how his village mate’s life was shattered after he joined Prophet Owuor’s church. Several other Kenyans commented on the post and gave shocking confessions on how the lives of their […]

Man Who Can’t Have Kids Begs Friend to Impregnate His Wife 3 Times.You as a man can you accept?Get the full story.

Patrick and his wife, Kavira Zubeda, had long dreamed of starting a family together. However, after years of trying to conceive without success, they were faced with the heartbreaking reality of infertility. Determined to find a solution, they sought medical advice and discovered that Patrick was unable to father children, while Kavira Zubeda was still […]

Contradictions From KNEC.

The Kenya National Exams Council has hurriedly released a statement covering their tracks for the incompetence they have shown the country since the KCPE 2023 results were released. SOME IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE. FIRST – The KCPE 2023 results were released on Thursday and not Wednesday as claimed here. If the people who released the […]

9 Counties With Highest HIV Prevalence as Per National Syndemnic Diseases Control Report

Homa Bay County is the most affected after registering a 15.2 per cent increase closely followed by Kisumu which had a 14.5 per cent increase. Other counties in Nyanza that records an increase include; Siaya (13.2 per cent), Migori (9.7 per cent) and Kisii (4.4 per cent). NSDCC reports that infections in the coastal region […]

We Were Racially Segregated Because of Our Black Skin During King Charles III’s Four -day Visit to the Country- Kenyan Journalists

Kenyan journalists have complained of being ra–cially mistreated and segregated during King Charles III’s four-day visit to the country Led by Mwangi Maina who writes for the Africa report, the journalists complained that the whole trip was filled with ra–cial undertones. Mwangi states that the segregation started from transportation to being fed leftovers and stale […]

It all started in the DM – A Kenyan lady celebrates getting married to a Nigerian man she met on TikTok and shows the first DM (VIDEO).

A Kenyan lady met her Nigerian husband on TikTok after they engaged in a chat last year around October. While most ladies ignore DMs from random men, she replied to the man’s DM and in the process, got herself a spouse. She shared a screenshot of the first message that he sent her introducing himself.She […]