President RUTO affirms Kenyans climates advocacy partnership with Azebaijan

3 Diplomatic ties between Kenya and Azerbaijan continue to strengthen as President William Ruto affirms joint commitment to climate advocacy. On Thursday, Ruto emphasized the robust ties that have flourished over the past two decades. “Kenya and Azerbaijan have had robust relations that continue to grow from strength to strength to the great benefit of […]

Alert! Search and rescue operation underway as voi River bursts it’s banks and sweeps away several families

The National Government, in conjunction with the Taita Taveta County administration, has launched rescue operations after Voi River burst its banks. An unknown number of families are reported to have been swept away. Taita Taveta County is one of the 33 devolved units in the country affected by the El Nino floods. According to a […]

Truth About Verskey’s Popular ‘Nakomitunaka’ Song In Congo Zaire.

On the contrary, according to what I learnt in my short stint in Zaire, this song Nakomitunaka, was not banned in Zaire by Mobutu, but it was rather a pro-Mobutu song by Verckys Kiamuangana’s (the original composer and musician) bitter response to the Catholic Church’s opposition of Mobutu’s authenticité (authenticity) campaign, and the church opted […]

DCI officers escape death by whisker in wajir after their land cruiser was swept away by floods -This is so scary!

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations escaped death by a whisker after a Toyota Landcruiser that they were travelling in was swept away by floods in Wajir. In an amateur video shared on social media, some members of the public are seen staring at the ill-fated Landcruiser from a distance and reacting in shock. […]

President William Ruto has joined world leaders in Brazzaville for climate summit

President William Ruto has joined other leaders in Brazzaville for a climate summit. Ruto left the country on Friday evening to attend the summit of the Three Basins Climate Change Conference in Congo. The summit aims to implement the first global coalition to restore 350 million hectares of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The three-day summit […]

Presently or never: One of the greatest environment reports at any point shows there’s simply no time left on earth.

The opportunity to get a reasonable future for everybody on Earth is getting ceaselessly. That was the desperate message from a Unified Countries report delivered Monday, the summit of over six years of work by large number of environment researchers adding to the Unified Countries Intergovernmental Board on Environmental Change. “There is a quickly shutting […]