In Namatotoa village ,Bumula Sub county , Bungoma county,Kenya, lies a reformed catholic church by the name Ecunumical Catholic Church of Kenya.The church is led by a former ordained Roman Catholic church Dr Godfrey Siundu Wasike who broke the norm of the Roman Catholic church that abides by celibacy for priests and nuns.

Despite studying for priesthood for 7 years and serving at Ndalat,Entebbes,Kitale and other parishes,Dr Siundu’s heartbeat increased when he met Stella Nangila.He loved her ,shot his shot and married her years later . Together they have 3 beautiful daughters.

Marriage led to him being rejected,and looked down upon by the Catholic Church.He then founded the reformed Catholic Church which allows priest to marry at Kitale in 2012.The church has grown so fast and has several branches locally and internationally.

The celibacy rule was demanded upon Catholic leaders in the 11th century.According to the church, celibacy allows God’s servants to follow the example of Jesus Christ who was unmarried.However according to Dr Siundu,the celibacy rule results to hypocrisy amongst priests.He challenges that the bible encourages marriage and procreation,and that their is no need for celibacy as the first Apostle,Peter, according to the history of the church,had a wife.The Pope should allow priests to make their own decisions.

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