Dorcus Gachagua shares her idea on how to rescue street children

Dorcuas Gachagua has made it her mission to rescue and train boys to become the future leaders of the country.
In an interview with Wendy Griffith on CBN News, the Second Lady noted that her main agenda is to rescue thousands of boys who migrated from their rural homes for greener pastures in the city but end up homeless, relying on well-wishers.

“Currently we have a crisis in Kenya where young men are in the streets and taking drugs and alcohol and they are dying in numbers,” Dorcas said.

The Second Lady said most of the boys in the streets were raised by single parents, who try to make a living for their families upcountry.

“Eventually they get frustrated and end up homeless and unemployed, and because they are hopeless and frustrated, they end up taking drugs. Many of them are dying of Aids because of sharing the syringes,” she said.

Dorcas said she is compelled to rescue the boychild from the drug barons who use them to peddle drugs. Her dream is to create a holistic program that will provide these boys with a medical rehab facility with counselling and vocational training to equip the boys with skills.

The Second Lady was in the United States to seeking financial support so that she can help the young boy get a second chance in life.

According to her, her heart bleeds for these boys because she’s had a similar experience.

“That is why I can feel the heartbeat of the street children, because I have been there, I know how it feels to live without food or clothes. Once it was so cold that one of my sisters died of pneumonia my mother prayed for us, she spoke word of power and authority over us. She told us, when your father is not there, and you are children of a widow, your father in heaven will see you through,” she adds.

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