Kenyans claim Sakaja’s lookalike is his son.

For the past one week,there has been a photo of a kid alleged to be Nairobi Governor Hon Sakaja’s lookalike trending on social media platforms.The boy is said to resemble Hon Sakaja in many ways such as smile, physical appearance and walking style earning him a nickname Sakaja Junior.This has led to alot of online users insinuating that the two might be having a blood relation.However the boy’s grandparents have opposed the claims saying that his mother is a Meru while his father a Mijikenda.

The boy stays with his grandparents as his mother works in Bahrain.The resemblance was realized by teachers when his grandmother took him to join school.Upon sharing of his photo across various media platforms, Governor Sakaja came across it.He reshared it asking to meet the boy.

The ‘social media judges’ nevertheless feel that the Sakaja is the father of the kid and that there is more than what meets the eye.They humorously responded as sampled below.

  • Watu sio wajinga buana.
  • Hii kit ya DNA usinunue bro.Hapa haihitajiki.
  • You dont remember Julia the mother who worked at your home?
  • The birth details of the child match with your visit that county 9 months before.

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