Landlord in Kisumu County has put their tenant’s underwear up for auction.

Through a public auction notice published in the local dailies on Monday, Nyaluoyo Auctioneers invited bidders interested in buying four pairs of men’s underwear, four pairs of female underwear and two kids bags.

The auctioneer also lists one unspecified “white cream”, two hip enlargement products and three eye adhesives among the goods being recouped from one Zacharia Sichenje Masika.

According to the notice, the auction opens on Tuesday, February 7, at the auctioneer’s office yard in Kisumu.

“Pursuant to our principal’s instruction, we shall set the following goods by public auction on Tuesday, 7th day of February 2023 at our office yard, Kisumu at 11:00 A.M.,” it reads.

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