Everyone wants to associate themselves with success.This leads to them masquerading as relatives of successful people.This behavior is common in Kenya and it started long ago.

In 1950s,Benard Memba ,a Kenyan man living in Europe,introduces himself to Julia Gonzalez as Memba Kenyatta and claims that he is a son to Jomo Kenyatta.Julia who was an Italian journalist married Memba in 1956 after the conviction and they had a son .

In 1962,Julia discovered that Memba was not Kenyatta’s son.When Memba learnt that the truth has been discovered,he abandoned his wife and son .Julia then wrote to Kenyatta to ask him to accept her black child as his grandson and help search for her husband.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was the first president of Kenya and a leader of Kenya’s fight for Independence.He was born in a Ngenda Village in Gatundu.His name was Kamau.He took the name Kenyatta after a Kikuyu word for a beaded belt he always wore and Jomo from Kikuyu word for “burning spear”.

He begun his career in 1928 as the General secretary of the Kikuyu Central Association.In 1953 he was pronounced guilty for participating in the MAU MAU Rebellion and was imprisoned by the British Government for 9 years. AfteyKwnyas independence in 1963 ,Kenyatta was named Prime minister and became the first president of Kenya in 1964.He served untill his death in 1978.

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