Raila answers Ruto partners guarantees that he’s after handshake.

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja, has responded to claims made by a group of Kenya Kwanza leaders that he is seeking a handshake with President William Ruto.

Raila said in a speech on Thursday that the claims are untrue and an insult to Kenyans.

In addition, the former prime minister stated that they will never shake hands with an illegitimate government. “Kenya Kwanza has kept on guaranteeing that all we are searching for is a handshake. We strongly deny these baseless rumors that we are protesting for a handshake in order to improve the lives of Kenyans. This is an insult to Kenyans’ intelligence. Raila stated, “We cannot and will not engage in a handshake with an illegitimate regime.” He proceeded to blame Ruto for attempting to return the country to the dim long periods of past systems.

Raila stated that the Azimio coalition would not permit that.

“We in Azimio will not and cannot permit Ruto to take us back to the dark days of yesterday,” the statement reads.

The opposition maintains that he won the presidential election in August 2022.

However, President Ruto also insists that no handshakes will be exchanged with the opposition and that any engagement will only occur through official channels, including Parliament.

Pioneers associated to Ruto have been bringing out Raila over his enemy of government fights. They assert that Raila is merely manipulating the head of state into a handshake by manipulating the protests.

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala asserted that a portion of the Azimio public start handshake converses with the public authority around evening time.

“The thing that Azimio is doing is a way to try to shake Ruto’s hand. “They were sending people to see if they could talk to our President up until yesterday evening,” he stated.

He stated that the demonstrations organized by the opposition have an impact not only on the people living in Nairobi but also on a number of other areas that generate revenue for the nation.

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