Kikuyu Member of Parliament Hon Kimani Ichungwa has explained to kenyans that President William Ruto is not aiming at a handshake with opposition leader Hon Raila Odinga.This comes a day after President William Ruto sends a surprise letter to Parliament that supported a plan on a proposal to amend the constitution to create the office of the leader of opposition.The proposal was included in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) that was brought to debate by former president Uhuru and the Azimio la Umoja leader Hon Raila Odinga but later stopped over legality of the process.It started that,the holder of the office would have been the person who receives the second highest number of votes in presidential election. President Ruto then opposed the BBI.This has been however rumoured that by doing this, president Ruto seeks a way in which he will include opposition leader Raila Odinga into the government in form of handshake.

Speaking in Nyandarua during a Mega Church service, Hon Kimani said that president Ruto is not thinking about the handshake or ‘sweet deals’ as refered to by Hon Raila but he (president Ruto) wants a position that will enhance accountability.He said the sweet deal that president Ruto has granted Kenyans is by implementing the hustler fund narrative.He promised that the parliamentarians shall consider the President’s memorandum and other proposals.


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