Ethopia is 7 years behind other countries in the world.This means they are currently in 2015 and the date in Ethopia is 12/5/2015 at time of Publishing.There are 13 months a year with the first 12 months having 30 days each.The 13th month has 5 days and 6 in a leap year.Hours are measured to a different schedule based on the logic that the clock starts when the day starts.Therefore a day starts at 7 a.m and ends at 6:59 am.A year starts on September 11.Clocks are designed such that 6.00 is at the top and 12.00 at the bottom.

All these differences result from the type of calender used in Ethopia.While the rest of the world uses a Gregorian calender, Ethopia uses an Ethopian calender .A Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Francis Gregory XIII in 1582.It’s a solar calender, thus tracks the cycle of the sun .It has 12 months a year due to the 30 day average cycle of the sun.Ethopian Calender tracks the cycle of the moon and has 13 months a year from the average cycle of the moon. There was a misunderstanding between the Catholic church and the Ethopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in 500 AD which resulted to Ethopians to start using the Ethopian calender.

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