Fafi member of Parliament Hon Yakub Salah’s sentiments that UDA is planning to change the presidential limit to 75 years of age and not two terms as per the 2010 constitution has elicited bitter reactions from most Kenyans online. Some kenyans have criticized the UDA government specifically President Ruto for misusing the trust of Kenyans by planning to try changing the constitution. This is what they wrote.

Alex Ouma Ombura :Trust is earned . Let this government earn the trust of Kenyans by not repealing the 2010 constitution after vehemently opposing BBI.

logic: …you are in government to govern in trust.Its not your property.No one wants KANU tricks.

Other Kenyans revealed that that suppose the motion is agreed for,they will not vote for Ruto in his second term.Former president Uhuru Kenyatta will have to be on the presidential ballot and they would rather vote for him than for president Ruto since they have lost trust in the latter. Here are some of their comments.

heckergreg: Imagining that becomes the case but we hold elections after five years and Ruto’s government continues misbehaving tunarudisha Uhuru 2027.

Michael Kimanthi:If they remove it…let Uhuru vie again.

Tim James Musumba:If it is passed then he definitely becomes a one term president.

Rafus Kariuku: … getting second term he has a hill to climb,who will trust him?


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