Youth Storm Police Station and Steal Ksh 4.3 Million in Cargo While Cops Watch.

Police patrol at the police station.

On Monday, April 3, residents of the Kisa East ward in Kakamega County broke into a police station and stole fertilizer valued at Ksh4.3 million.

The perturbed crowd likewise burnt the house and motorbike of the area boss Walter Obuchere and butchered three of his cows.

According to police on the scene, the youth stole 1,240 bags of fertiliser that were stored and ready for distribution as part of the government’s subsidy program. Obuchere, the area chief, lamented that the youth who destroyed his property and even stoned his home were students when he spoke to the press following the incident. According to reports, the youth were protesting the stabbing death of Kisa East Ward MCA Stephen Maloba.

“The young men who struck my house were extremely youthful, some were junior optional understudies and others were essential and secondary school understudies.

The late Kisa East MCA Stephen Maloba at a past event in December 2022 FACEBOOK

“Because he was my brother and we worked well together, I don’t have a beef with the MCA. The Chief stated, “Our work as chiefs is to collaborate with those who have been elected.” The officials further noticed that they had proactively recuperated 20 packs of manure.

An officer stated, “The investigations are ongoing and the DCI counterparts are doing their part.”

Following a heated argument with supporters of Khwisero Member of Parliament Christopher Aseka Wangaya, Maloba was stabbed and attacked.

According to reports, the legislator had called a meeting at the home of one of his supporters near a secondary school, and a group of people who were thought to be the MP’s supporters confronted Maloba and told him he was not welcome at the meeting. Ayub Savula, Kakamega Deputy Governor, made the announcement of Maloba’s passing on April 1 during an interdenominational service held by Farouk Kibet in Malava, Kakamega County.

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