Acheni upuzi sasa! Foreign Affairs PS SING’OEI KORIR now tells Gen Zs over their push to overthrow RUTO despite withdrawing the Finance Bill 2024.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei has told off the Gen Zs who are yearning to oust President William Ruto from power over what they termed as a failure by the president to listen to them in due time, leading to loss of lives. In a statement, Sing’oei asserted that any attempt to shift the […]

A video of MPs fleeing in their speeding guzzlers as youths stone them after protesters stormed Parliament emerges – It was like a movie (Watch).

Members of Parliament were forced to scamper for safety after a group of anti-tax demonstrators stormed Parliament, moments after lawmakers passed the punitive Finance Bill 2024. The protesters, who had been battling police and chanting anti-government slogans in the streets of Nairobi since morning, gained access to the highly fortified Parliament Buildings via Uhuru Highway. […]

You haven’t seen anything yet, Gen Zs are just getting started – RAILA terrifies RUTO after yesterday’s deadly protests.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dampened President William Ruto’s spirit further after he warned him to prepare for more protests from Kenyans, especially the Gen Zs, after yesterday’s deadly protests in which demonstrators acrimoniously occupied Parliament. In a statement, Raila advised Ruto to unconditionally withdraw the Finance Bill or else things will never be […]

Molo MP and Finance Chair Kuria Kimani is regretting supporting RUTO’s Finance Bill as Gen Z protesters loot and torch his rural home.

The wave of unrest swept through Nakuru County as demonstrators, led by Gen Zs, expressed anger and fury over President William Ruto’s Finance Bill 2024. The protest intensified, culminating in the arson attack on the home of the Chairperson of the Finance and Planning Committee of the National Assembly Kimani Kuria, who has been vocal […]

MP Kimani Ichung’wah’s Office in Kikuyu Sub-County was Set on Fire by Protesters.

While expressing their outrage, the protestors also set fire to vehicles parked outside the offices, all the while chanting anti-government slogans. Footage showed the office engulfed in thick, black smoke as residents pelted stones at the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) buildings. Defending their actions, the protestors accused the legislator of betraying them by supporting the […]